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Hy-Wax System

Welcome to the Australian Bodycare (ABC) Hy-Wax System. Whether you are a dedicated ABC user or a new customer you have now taken the first step to using the most hygienic, effective and easy waxing system available to the beauty industry.


Why use the New Hy-Wax Hot Wax Heater?

Australian Bodycare highly recommends this method for facial waxing (eyebrows and lip especially) and for more intimate bikini line waxing such as Brazilians and Hollywood. The wax is easy to control and the new size spatula makes harder to reach places or the fine eyebrow area more manageable.

• Each client has their own wax heated in a disposable foil insert, thus eliminating the risk of cross infection.

• At the end of the treatment the spatula and foil insert are disposed of.

• New premium quality hot wax pellets – fast melting and easy to apply and removes hair cleanly and effectively.

Why use the Hy-Wax System?

Hy-Wax Heater

Australian Bodycare endorses a method of waxing which will minimalise the risk of cross infection between clients.

• Tea Tree Oil antiseptic Wipes are used to prepare the area to be waxed, these will leave the skin clean and free of surface bacteria.
• Each client has a new wax dispenser which is individually wrapped and opened in front of the client, after the skin has been prepared for treatment. Always keep the lid from the tube to replace after dispenser is disposed of.
• The unique dispenser system will ease the application of wax allowing it to be spread thinly and easily, without dragging the skin.
• Only the wax that is released from the dispenser comes into direct contact with the skin.
• Large areas can be covered in one application then removed in the normal way with either a paper or fabric strip. This reduces the time taken for waxing and the need to reapply, thus reducing sensitivity.

     Hy-Wax Creme Wax Tube     

                                       Tea Tree Oil Wax Tube                             NEW Honey Wax Tube

Salon after-wax treatment:
Hand & Body Lotion - legs, arms, bikini areas, underarms, backs, chests and any other body area.
Active Face Cream - any facial waxing, nipples or more sensitive bikini lines or underarms (also very good post electrolysis).
Deodorant - individual sachets are available to use directly after underarm waxing.

Home Care: All clients must be given homecare instructions. Recommend use of the above products to ensure the skin remains smooth and healthy and for the prevention of ingrown hairs.

› Always check for contra indications before treatment commences.
› Keep record cards for each client.
› As each client leaves, ensure they are aware of all homecare advice and have booked their next appointment.
› Always dispose of dispenser, gloves, couch roll and used strips appropriately.
› When setting up your Hy-Wax system please read and follow the instructions carefully.
› Keep your Hy-Wax heater wax-free at all times by cleaning after each use.

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HY-Wax System


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