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Waxing Products
Australian Bodycare has been used in professional salons for over 15 years. We are regarded as one of the “trusted” brands always delivering on our product promises, maintaining high quality and yet remaining affordable.

We are very aware of hygiene and have developed the innovative and hygienic waxing system ‘HY-Wax’ this ensures the wax that touches your skin has not been contaminated by anyone else.

Ladies, to get the best results, the hair to be waxed needs to be a minimum of 1/4 cm in length. The wax will stick to the hair and it will be removed cleanly from the follicle leaving the area silky and smooth.

Gentlemen, for extra softness and smoothness book yourself a HY-Wax hair removal session, your skin will be bare and sleek, amazingly silky and touchable.


NEW Hy Wax Hot Wax Heater


The latest innovation from the creators of Australian Bodycare Hy-Wax system.

Hot wax is becoming ever more popular and the need for a simple compact and hygienic heating system to deliver this is now available from Australian Bodycare.

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Hy-Wax Creme Tube

Creme Tea Tree Oil Wax

Crème Wax
75g Tube and 425g Jar

Available in a tube for use with Hy-Wax system:

Comes with our unique and original dispenser design that prevents the wax from flowing back into the tube so reducing the risk of cross contamination.

A new, sterile dispenser for each client.

Also available in a jar for use with traditional wax heaters

Australian Bodycare Crème Wax is produced to a high standard using superior quality ingredients
Soft and non-sticky
Thin application for easy removal
Antiseptic properties to promote skin healing (Tea Tree Oil)

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Australian Bodycare NEW Honey Wax

Honey Wax - NEW
75g Tube and 425g Jar

Introducing a new wax formula from Australian Bodycare.

A smooth, non-sticky, clear "soft honey style" wax with a hint of naturally fresh lemon for effective and gentle waxing.

Available for Hy-Wax system and conventional heaters

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Waxing Accessories

We also supply:

Fabric and Paper Strips


Wax Cleaning products

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Hy-Tec Therapist Equipment Cleaner

A new product to add to the HY-Wax System


  • Ideal for cleaning the Hy Wax heater as well as other wax heaters
  • Will clean other salon equipment - such as couches, work surfaces, other machinery
  • Low fume - mild not unpleasant aroma, attractive colour
  • Non spray application reduces the risk of inhalation
  • Environmentally friendly formula
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